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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Year 2, Semester 1, Task 13

Reflections and Ambitions

I’m very happy to be back at university for the second year. I’m looking forward to this year and I hope to do well.
Looking back at year one, I believe I have learnt a lot of skills, and that they will help me through this year. In year one, I’ve been given the tools to work through the second year, and now I know that the input from the tutors will be less, and I’m expected to work more autonomously. 

This year I hope to manage my time carefully throughout, and complete projects on time with no rushing. I know that time management is going to be very important since there is more expected of us this year. Also, there is a shorter amount of time to work on the projects in Game Production, so it would be best to make a schedule of tasks to complete and set my own deadlines for certain points. If I manage to do this well, it will be an invaluable skill for the final year. 

My ambitions for this year would be to improve on everything I learned last year, and to develop new skills as well. I also plan to perfect the way I approach projects and assignments, and also think about them in terms of the workplace. I know that I need to think more about how what I learn now will help me once I have finished the course and hopefully find a job. I am working towards being a contributing person in the game industry and I look forward to influencing future games.
I am confident that I have the fundamental skills to do well in this year, I just need to use them well and apply them accordingly to my studies. I hope to develop the skills I have acquired so far to improve my work and to learn to use them in more advanced ways. 

One of the things I learned from the first year was that if I don’t get the work written out in set goals, its easy to get lost in what you should be doing next and how long you should be spending on each thing. For my gladiator, I ended up spending an very long time on modelling the head, and restarting the head several times. After I had it finished, I realised that I left myself even less time for the texturing. So, if I write out what needs to be done, and also give it a weighting and order, depending on what it is exactly and how much time should be spent on it in relation to other things, it will make completing tasks a lot easier. Time management is definitely an important skill, and essential for the remainder of my course and then in the work place. 

In conclusion, I believe I am capable of doing well this year, and I am confident that I have learned a lot from my experiences throughout the first year. I hope to improve on my skills and learn to work more autonomously and also manage my time accordingly and consistently throughout the second year.

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