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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Task 17: Elements of Game Design, Part Six: Documentation

Project Outline/Brief:

This game is a James Bond style spy game, with stealth elements and close quarter combat experiences. There will be many levels in varying locations across the world. The target audience for this game would be from ages 15 and up, for fans of other spy/stealth games, action movies and thrillers. There will also be some role-play elements, where the player can choose different courses of actions, resulting in varying consequences.
The platform for this game is the PS3.


3D Studio Max, Photoshop CS5, Unreal Development Kit, Z-Brush.


High End computer with fast processor and graphics card, able to run all these programs smoothly. Decent camera for textures and references.

Aims and Objectives:

My aims are to create a successful game in the style of genre specified. I also want to keep within the technical specifications, and to have everything completed in time for all the dead lines. I hope to have something to be proud of by the end of the project.  Objectives are to complete the research, concepting, modelling and texturing on time. To have the levels built and playable, for sound to be edited accordingly and special effects and lighting to be added to finish off the game. Also to have this game shipped on time and to have covered everything in the brief. Also by the end of it, I hopefully will have learned a lot more about the process of creating games, the amount of time it takes for all the different stages, about the sizes of models and levels, and about how it should all fit together in the end.

Lead Character Specifications:

The lead character is a 25 year old white male, height is about 6 foot. Well built but not heavy weight wrestlers build. His name is Neal Torvick, code name is Harper.
He has short brown hair, a scar on his chin, skin is pale in complexion and brown eyes. He will have varying outfits, from dive suits, to pilot suits. Most of them will be various tones of black to dark grey.

The triangle budget for the lead character is from 7000 to 8000. The model must be proportionately accurate, the mesh should flow nicely and not be untidy. Must be rigged with a biped 28 bones. The texture budget is two 1024x1024 sheets, that is diffuse, normal and specular maps. One for clothes, the other for skin and accessories.

NPC; General Specifications:

The General is a 40 year old white male, height is 5 foot 9”. He is well built, but walks with a limp from a leg injury. He could be described as angry and stern, a no nonsense type of character. He has typical military style short hair that is greying in places. He wears either a military camo suit, or a dark blue business style suit with his badges on display.

Triangle budget for this NPC is 6000 triangles and a 1024x1024 texture sheet, D/N/S. Rigged with a biped with less than 28 bones.

Vehicle: Submarine:

A Virginia class submarine. This will be a controllable vehicle in one level, where you commandeer it for a mission. This will be a brand new sub, so in good condition, no marks or signs of wear. Its generally a dark grey colour. It will be seen from a first person and third person view, where the camera can pan around the sub.

Triangle Budget for the sub is 10,000. Texture budget is 2048x2048 D/N/S

Environment: Underwater/Sea bed level:

This is the environment where the submarine vehicle will be situated. The lighting is going to be washed out and dark accordingly since it is underwater. So filtered sunlight, depending on how deep you are. You should be able to surface, therefore there will need to be a skybox for the level. The sea bed should be rocky, with an almost mountainous feel to it. This would make it more difficult to navigate once you are in control of the submarine.

Triangle budget is 20,000. Texture budget is 2048x2048 D/N/S

Prop/scenery objects:

List of objects and props needed; fish, sea turtles, sea weed, coral, crates, weapons, rocks and trash. Each of these will be used in various places and throughout the game. So varying textures would be required.

Each of these should be under 200 triangles, and texture sheets should be 512x512 D/N/S.

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