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Monday, 2 May 2011

Films: “I’m a Cyborg, but that’s Ok” and “Angel-A”.

The film, “I’m a Cyborg”, was really interesting and unique. I enjoyed it, even though there were many scenes that were extremely random! But I think that’s part of the fun. It had a very interesting story, with odd but memorable characters. This film had a very colourful environment. A lot of colours were used, and they stood out in certain places. I thought it was cool how the patients in the mental institute were all using their imaginations to escape the place they are trapped in. It was fun how each person had special characteristics and names.

Throughout most of the first half of the film, I kept wondering if the main character really was a Cyborg. It was difficult to know how the film was going to go. But you soon realise that it’s the patients’ imaginations that create a lot of the scenes. The point where the main character turns into robot form and starts shooting everyone was pretty funny and a very odd change to the film, since there was no real violence or anything involving cgi up until then. Overall I thought it was a quite a good film!

I really love “Angel-A”. I thought it was a brilliant film. Great story and was very emotional. It involved a fallen angel, but the film kept everything very down to earth (nice pun there!). Everything was very believable, nothing too far fetched. It had realistic characters and scenes. As you watch, you are waiting for something supernatural to happen to prove that Angela is a real angel. When it finally does happen in the restaurant scene, and Andre witnesses it himself, his reaction is very believable. Great acting from him, and you sympathise a lot with his character throughout the film.

The scene where Angela tries to get Andre to say he loves himself in the mirror was really emotional and quite sad. There were a number of scenes that made me feel sad! The one where Angela refuses to believe that Andre loves her, and she gets upset and tells him exactly who he will meet and where and the children he will have, and that its fate and never can be between them. She shouts at him and its all quite upsetting. But he persists. And the ending of the film, where Angela is suddenly called back to heaven was really dramatic. And I was almost teary at one point during their argument and when Andre kept calling her name when he couldn’t find her. Awesome film, would definitely watch again! And another example of a subtitled film that I thought was just as good as films in English, I don’t think that the language affected the experience of the film at all.

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